Welcome to Bluegrass Harvest

Welcome to Bluegrass Harvest, your gateway to local, organic, fresh vegetables and fruit.

Hosted and administered by Community Ventures, this innovative partnership is a joint effort among area employers and the Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK) to encourage organic farming, keep local food dollars in our communities and to build a healthier Kentucky. Our partners support Bluegrass Harvest’s work and mission, promote healthy lifestyles, and take a proactive approach to improving our health, environment, and community.


CSA is a mutual commitment and partnership between a farm and supportive members of the community. The farmer(s) provide the wisdom and labor needed to grow or raise a farm product and members provide adequate financial support needed for the farm to operate in an economically sustainable manner. The farm benefits from having a reliable market at an equitable price and members receive fresh, local and affordable food grown by people they know and trust.

Please keep in mind that a core principle of the CSA concept is the shared commitment between the farm and members. The CSA model is meant to share not only the bounty of the farm but also the potential risks that may come with each growing season, whether that be an extended period of drought or a serious insect infestation. We will always provide a diverse share, but we cannot guarantee certain quantities of specific items at any point in the season.

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